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I sent you an inquiry. How long does it takes to get an answer? 

Ist takes about 4-6 weeks to schedule the appointments. If you didn't get an answer in this period you probably did not get an appointment for this bookings phase. Don't be sad, please try it again next time. 

How much does it cost?

The price depends on the motive, size and placement. During a consultation an approximate price can be found. 

What about cover-ups?

I don't do cover-ups and don't do touch-ups from other tattoo artists.

Can I buy a voucher?

Yes, But only for already fixed appointments.

Are there any motives you don't do?

Yes, I don't do mandalas, sleeves, maori-tattoo, tribals, creepy things. I do not do motives from other tattooartists.

Do you tattoo fingers?

usually no...

I would like to have a motive you've already done on someone else. Is that possible?

All the tattoos are custum-tattoos, specially made for my clients and will be tattooed only once. So, it is not possible. But I can design a new one, based on the concept you like-

What is the story behind your Nüsselmensch?

One day I found a bag with pixie dust.  I climbed up a ladder on a cloud.

And then I spread the dust all over a bowl with peanuts. There was magical sparkle everywhere. I looked down to see what happened. Suddenly there was a small door on the bowl. The door opened and a smiling peanut hugging a watermelon came out. Behind it there was a peanut with a trumpet wearing a big mexican hat. There was an astronaut peanut, too. All the peanuts are on their way to find a friend,  to put a little smile on his face. 

How can I get a Nüsselmensch?

When you send a email inquiry add 'Nüsselmensch' on the title, 

I forgot what to do with the foil. What did you tell me?

Each Customer will get a healing-foil on the fresh tattoo. After 3-5 days you can peel it off, wash the tattoo with warm water or ph-neutral soap. Dry it carefully. Be nice and gentle to your fresh tattoo. Use healing ointment until your tattoo is healed. 

Can I damage the tattoo while peeling off the foil?

No. Just do it.

What about touch-ups?

IAfter 6 weeks the healing process is finished. If a touch-up needed, send me an email or send a request by contact form. Touch ups costs 20€ if the client e-mails me within 3 months after the tattoo appointment and when the touch-up does not take more than half an hour. 

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